Warning! Check your T-frame antenna mounts

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    Call 'em what you like, beer can-rated booms, end your pension plan-rated mounts - or any other pejorative term - but don't ever call them man-rated mounts unless they've been tested and have a minimum strength of 5,500 lbs. after all antennas are attached to them.

    Some of them aren't even antenna-rated as seen in the pictures below which made the email rounds last week.

    And don't be confused by the ever-popular: rated for a 200-pound person at 20 mph. It doesn't mean squat. It just means that you might see deflection in the steel just before your startling meet and greet with your maker.

    It is to your benefit to buy from fabricators that are known for their quality controls, but it's equally as important to inspect their products as well.

    After all, poor products are made on occasion, no matter how ISO- and QC-oriented the manufacturer is.

    In example, BMW recalled thousands of their SUVs earlier this year because the cars could roll away when parked, and Volvo last week recalled 17,000 vehicles because of the possibility for an airbag malfunction.

    You'd be hard-pressed to find serious safety flaws with a Mercedes, however.

    That's because their customers are willing to pay for safety, a concern that turfing contractors and carriers could care less about.

    Yes, they want the Mercedes mount, but with an India manufactured Tato Nano sticker price - giving rise to the revised acronym for LTE: Lessen the Expenses.

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    This would make a perfect tailgate session. It shows what is actually out in the real world versus what could possibily happen if you tie off to one of these pieces of garbage. There is another lesson here and that is even if you were tied off safely elsewhere and the t-frame separated you could still receive a serious injury and possibily even die.

    L&A work should be with a crane for this site.....but that is probably not in the bid because they don't want to pay for it especially if you have to bring one in to a remote location like this one.

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