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  1. John Sandford

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    There are some towers that are being welded on that have lead paint and they are not being addressed by the engineers and other people in the industry. It's rare if ever that you will see any specifications warning the contractor or requiring any safety precautions. It seems that there is an absence of concern by the tower owners. In short I believe it is being ignored because they don't want to spend the extra money to make sure it is done correctly. All of those old AT&T towers are loaded with it as are many others.
  2. FStephenMasek

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    It does not have to be red to be lead-based paint. We've been doing cell site environmental inspections (asbestos, lead, Phase I) for 20 years, as well as all of our other consulting work. Contractors are required to assume unless they know, and to generate and keep exposure assessment data. FYI - some inductrial paints may also contain mercury and/or chromium.
  3. KLB Welding

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    That's good information to know.
  4. Kevin Reski

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    I have been personally involved using a cutting torch to burn orange & white paint off of a black iron tower & witnessed a steady stream of shiny molten lead beads flying by me as they made screaming/screeching sounds on their way to the snow covered ground. We used a snow shovel to scoop up the lead for proper disposal. It is amazing how much lead is in the old orange & white (lead based) paints.

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