Watts, the final cost!

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    It's obvious that medium intensity lighting will greatly reduce the tower owner's operating expenses when you consider the expense of a red incandescent beacon system which requires that the tower be painted in bands of white and aviation orange. Power consumption is another factor. Compared to the strobe's average 110W of power consumption, the incandescent beacons use approximately 1,240W. Although minimal, there are power consumption variances in different manufacturer's medium intensity lighting systems. In addition, incandescent bulbs are typically replaced annually while strobe tubes are replaced every 2-3 years. Although the strobe tubes are more expensive, the additional labor charges quickly eclipse the increase.
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    Medium intensity LED beacons (L864) are now 45 watts and sidelights (L810) are 12.5 watts with a service life in excess of 10 years. This reduces both energy and associated relamping costs.

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