Were they 100% tied-off? You decide.

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    Cory, from an Oklahoma-based crew, was bit by the showbiz bug and used a helmet cam high above downtown Des Moines, Iowa. KCCI did a news vignette about tower climbers on January 16, 2013 and it highlighted the hard work and professionalism of the industry. High marks for Cory for that. But he may be in the minus column due to what appears to be his desire not to observe 100% tie-off.

    Two safety professionals who reviewed the video for Wireless Estimator believe he was free climbing as he climbed multiple rungs on a ladder which did not have a safety climb cable.

    Of course, they could be wrong since sometimes videos can be misleading. So, Cory, if you were 100% tied-off we profusely apologize. But it's going to be a hard sell to convince some people that everyone was always 100% tied-off while working on the 500-foot KCCI tower.

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    Tieing off to a ladder rung. Not a good idea!!!!!! 30 steps in 30 seconds?????? You are tied off doing that??????
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    did you not see the safety climb cable in the beginning? its also shown when they are towards the top as well.

    the rest of the video doesnt show it well enough to determine if he is 100% tied off. but the few cutaways it does appear he is.

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