What are the inspection intervals required by Rev. G for towers?

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    This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

    TIA/EIA 222-G is the only standard that details a requirement for maintenance inspections for towers.

    The standard says, the maximum intervals for maintenance and condition assessment shall be performed as follows:
    a) Three-year intervals for guyed masts and five-year intervals for self-supporting structures.
    b) After severe wind and /or ice storms or other extreme conditions.
    c) Shorter inspection intervals may be required for Class III structures and structures in coastal regions, in corrosive environments, and in areas subject to frequent vandalism.

    There is no requirement in the standard for the owner to check the torque of the bolts. The closest it comes to that condition is to state that the structure must be checked for loose and/or missing bolts and/or nut locking devices during an inspection.

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