What are the labor hours in changing to LEDs?

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  1. How much work (labor hours) is involved with replacing the existing tower lights with the LED systems? Are the LED systems better than the existing-factory Lights?
  2. Doug Woehler

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    The time it takes to upgrade from incandescent to LED depends on many conditions. However, what I have been told it is quite simple. The differences from a standard "relamp" is you must unwire the old fixture and wire in the new fixture. LED products utilize the same controller, conduits and wiring system as existing incandescent based systems. Dialight has come out with a new adaptor that allows the new LED beacon to mount to an existing incandescent beacon and "plug into" the existing lower lamp socket in the incandescent beacon. And the LED beacon lasts at least 10-12 years before the LED module needs to be replaced vs the annual to 18 month relamp of an incandescent beacon. The Dialight products are warranted for a minimum of 5 years. The Dialight LED sidelight consumes 12.5 watts vs. 116 watts (incandescent) and the LED beacon consumes 48 watts vs. 1240 watts (incandescent).

    Hope this answers your questions!

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