What do the welded wire mesh numbers mean?

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    When you see a number for welded wire mesh such as 6x6 W4.0xW4.0, it is the designated mesh size. The 6x6 is the horizontal and vertical spacing of the strands in inches. This is the size of the squares of space bounded by the wire strands in the mesh. The W4.0xW4.0 is the W number.This is the wire size (longitudinal/transverse) in cross sectional area measured in 1/100's of a square inch(4.0 hundredths of a square inch).
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    The "mesh count" when dealing with any type of wire mesh or wire cloth is considered to be the numbers of wires per inch.

    The wire diameter, is just that, the thickness of the wire that is used to make the wire mesh as it is.

    For much more in detail information on this topic, this site is a good resource:


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