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    This is a question I have for climbers and companies, ect., I have been in the Tower business for many rep. yrs. And have a vast knowledge and still learning every day, Just recently the Company I was with Shut the doors and closed, So I am getting hired in by another Rep. Company, However upon arrival and classes I ask if I can use the Old style positioning lanyard instead of the Petzel/ grilion, They tell me Nooo, Now I have used the Petzel several diff. Times, in diff. Ways, ect. And do not feel comfortable using it, at all, And have used the old style lanyard since coming into the business in 06', Of course OSHA ect. Say it still is allowed the company refuses to let me use one, as they have several new ones ect., So what's everyone's opions ?? I've thought of it from all sides, ect., But feel as I always have, No Company should do that, as long as I'm well within my OSHA ect. Guidelines and regulations ect.
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    OSHA sets requirements to the Employer in regards to protecting their Employees. OSHA does not set requirements on such a specific piece of equipment as is it your employers job to do so.

    Any employer is required by OSHA to provide training to his/her employees in every and all pieces of equipment they will use which needs to include how to use, maintain and inspect said equipment.

    When an employers does not allow the use of other equipment besides what they provide they are streamlining the training process and ensuring that employees actually receive said training on that equipment. Most of your large companies operate this way for any particular reason and cannot be waived.

    When they visit a tower site they want to know what equipment everyone is using, purchase date, inspection dates, etc and having employees carrying different equipment can make this process very cumbersome. This issue you are brought up has been fought by almost every tower climber, including myself, sometime in their career because we like a particular piece of equipment or a specific type of equipment but at the end of the day it is their job to provide you with all required PPE, Train you all PPE and letting you use a particular piece of equipment and tht making an exception because you like your lanyard would demonstrate that the company policy is up for debate and you have a say when at the end of the day OSHA would come in and see the employer training you properly, providing equipment like should and uniformly issuing PPE to their people.

    With all that if you do not like the policy you may not want to stay with the company. No experience is enough to trump the requirements of a company and if you use your own special lanyard at many companies can result in termination. learn to like the grillion as probably 75% of climbers had to and you will eventually love it like most do. It helps solve some problems climbers are faced with and is single handed adjustable to streamline its uses.

    While there is more I can say on this issue wireless estimator is glitching and typing is only working one letter at a time. Good luck Todd Wills. Please be safe and use your experience to adapt and change with the times as companies become better at compliance.
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    Jeremy I beleive u are very correct, How ever a lot of us don't think it's right to standardize certain equipment/PPE, other tools and such, and yes I see why and the process, and the complications it can bring, But I never got any training what so ever on the Grillion, Of course I know how to use it ect , and have Chosen to Not work for this company, At the end of the day I'm the one responsible for getting myself back home to my family, and my comfortability and experience is very important to me...
    Thanks for the reply, Also now looking for work if ya know any good places, thanks

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