What is a good price/rate for PIM testing???

Discussion in 'The PIM Corner' started by Megatechnerd, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Megatechnerd

    Megatechnerd Friend of the Community

    Just wanted to get some feedback on what the going rate for PIM testing is nowadays. Any and all feedback would most appreciated.
  2. dhntr

    dhntr First Time Poster

    Not enough to justify the expense. Equipment is high rental or purchase and it spends too much time in the truck or shop to pay for itself.
  3. PimTesting.com

    PimTesting.com Industry Observer

    Pricing varies by market, number of lines, and the "bands" being tested. If we are only testing a single band, say UMTS, the price is lower than if we are testing UMTS and LTE. In general, for a dual band, 18 line site, prices range from around $1800 for the site (in most areas) to $4,500 a site in large cities and remote areas. As more test equipment enters the market prices are trending to the lower end of the spectrum.

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