What is it that Licensing will accomplish?

Discussion in 'Climbing Towers' started by Tim Kearns, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Tim Kearns

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    I have spent a little time thinking about this subject, and the one question I can't get past is, what are we truly hoping to accomplish?

    As individual entities, we are responsible to train and monitor the safety and performance of our employees, and or coworkers, depending on your respective position in the industry, some companies do this well, others soar under the radar cloaked by a generic safety policy that most in the company have never read. If we can not or will not enforce safety and training standards at a level where it will do the most good, then how can we even attempt to create a governing body whose purpose is to monitor or regulate an individual climber?s right or ability to work on a national level?

    This industry as a whole has lived by slight of hand for a long time, we have ducked, dodged, and lobbied to keep OSHA at arms length, limiting their ability to develop a standard suited for us. If we want so badly to be regulated, then why have we not sat down and put them together, if the industry as a whole wants a standard, then it must be developed from within.

    A push for licensing in my opinion is just another tactic to keep regulatory agencies at bay, while we continue on with business as usual. With a rough estimate at 10k climbers industry wide, if you licensed 60% to begin with that would be impressive, 30% of those would probably loose their license in year 1, would they still be working in this industry, most definitely. How many contractors, GC's, management companies, and carriers have made the call in the last 2 months, I need ten more crews here by the end of next week, those 10 crews will be comprised of the people you were trying to run out of the industry. It's kind of like getting on a traffic circle with four entrances and no exits.
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    Some companies require that only those people who have Comtrain-type certification can work on their sites. For those people who work for these clients, what is the process they use to insure that this is enforced? Do they request a roster? Do they do spot checks? If they don?t, what makes anybody think that being required to have a license will be any different with a lack of enforcement?

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