What prompted the Emergency Services Locator?

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    To be OSHA compliant, wireless infrastructure companies have always provided on their job sites emergency services numbers and the name and directions to the nearest emergency care facility.

    Unfortunately, it sometimes took up to a frustrating half an hour or more to be able to obtain police, fire and hospital information through internet searches - oftentimes ending with missing or inaccurate information.

    In February of 2010, Wireless Estimator's emergency services locator (ESL) was launched and was an instant success as companies found that they could easily capture the required details in less than five minutes in a site-specific PDF.

    More than 100,000 jobs were rolled using the ESL and users provided their valuable input and wish lists.

    Version 2 was launched in May of 2012 and includes software advancements not available anywhere else such as a three mapping services marker system that enables you to easily identify where the job site is located.

    Once you've tried Version 2 you will be able to easily capture all of your required information in less than two minutes and have it sent to you in a PDF along with an auto-filled Job Hazard Assessment plan and other industry safety forms that you can select.

    The ESL is a free service and it's Wireless Estimator's way of joining the industry to do everything possible to ensure that workers come home safe every day.

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