What would make my property attractive for a cell site?

Discussion in 'Design, Development and Standards Discussions' started by Carl Mooreti, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Carl Mooreti

    Carl Mooreti Friend of the Community

    I believe my property would be a candidate for a tower, but what do carriers and others who build towers look for? I'd prefer not to pay for a service, so how would I find out how to reach these cell phone companies and others that might be interested? Thanks for your replies,
    Carl Mooreti
  2. Douglas Kramer

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    Hi Carl...just a novice replying to your forum post, but thought I`d throw in some info. I have 2 towers on my property and have tried to get other companies to locate/co-locate on my property. In both cases, the companies came to me because I must have met their needs in expanding their footprint. I did however then send cover letters to other carriers giving my latitude&long. saying that there was more land for towers as well as co-location possibilities....to date there have been no takers. I figure we`re down to 4 major players in wireless, so with some web searching you could probably find who to contact from each of the companies to tell them of your availability and interest. It all boils down to location, location and location...if your site matches their needs you may have a shot, but realistically, all your research and desire to get a tower may be for naught. No harm in trying...nothing lost and maybe much to gain! Check out the website ...Steelintheair...for more info.....Doug
  3. Bob Hardee

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    Hello Carl,

    I have worked for two different carriers as well as being a site acquisition manager for an international tower company. Tower companies such as Crown Castle, American or others are more likely to be interested in your property than a service provider. Most service providers such as Verizon, Cingular, etc lease space now on towers owned by these companies.

    I would first check with the City or County where your property is located to determine if the zoning codes will allow a tower on your property.

    Then assuming a tower is allowed on the property, go to the web site of any of the tower companies and you will find contact information for them. The large companies have web sites. You can type communications tower in a search engine and find them, or try Crowncastle.com or Americantower.com. If either of these companies have no interest, there are several others you should be able to find on the net.

    Bob Hardee
  4. Boris Timotijevic

    Boris Timotijevic Friend of the Community


    Where is your property?
    Did you check zoning?

  5. Carl Mooreti

    Carl Mooreti Friend of the Community

    Yes BO. I finally got a written answer from zoning. I just didn't want some bueracrat tell me that it wasn't allowed. If it was allowed I also didn't want to put in the effort only to find out that the clerk made a mistake. I'm in the burbs of Baltimore and they are not allowed. Altough I have seen one in a similar neighborhood close by, I'm told that it was put in long before it was difficult to put up a tower and it was done with multiple hearings -- something I don't want to get involved in. Thanks for all the help guys.

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