Where are the other articles on the TriStar lawsuit?

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    This is an extremely interesting read. You folks dig deep. This is the underbelly of the tower leasing world, and why other media haven't picked this up at all is perplexing. Go figure.
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    Where is the material to which you refer here? I'm trying to find out more about this matter and can't.
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    I misunderstood your first post. I was aware of and read the original complaint, but it amazes me that I can find nothing, nothing, nothing new since then. AT has to have filed an answer, or it was dropped or something. Where's the news five months later?
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    It appears that it's going be a while before there is any conclusion to this lawsuit. The case was recently set for a jury trial during a two-week docket beginning October 28, 2013.

    It's expected that there will be motions for summary judgment prior to the trial, however.

    TriStar recently argued that American Tower's claim that they were not a monopoly because on some level TriStar could still compete for the thousands of tower sites not controlled by American Tower was not applicable, since their actions "significantly hindered or threatened to hinder competition."

    In a counter claim, ATC said, "Like other companies that have not been able to compete in the marketplace, TriStar Investors, Inc. seeks to obtain in the courtroom what it cannot obtain by legitimate competition."

    ATC also argues, "What TriStar fails to disclose to landowners is that it is funded by two of the largest tower companies in the United States, SBA Communications and Crown Castle International, as well as private equity funds seeking a short-term return on investment; it is managed by former executives of long service with Crown Castle; and it has no intention of honoring its promises of increased compensation to the landowners."

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