Where can I order a baker board from?

Discussion in 'Tower, Rooftop and Antenna Installation' started by Chad LaRue, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Chad LaRue

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    I was told about this solution for getting out to the antennas on non-man rated mounts but can't seem to find them anywhere. It's a light weight fiberglass or aluminum board that chain mounts to the tower and gives you a man rated platform to access your antennas without loading the T-arm or T-boom.
  2. Climber 1997

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    I don't know how useful they are but the lineman's baker board is available from Hubbell.
    They have a rail at waist height for tying off but the platform is only rated for a load of 500 pounds so it appears that you would still have to be tied off elsewhere cause they don't appear to be man rated.

    I don't know if this fixed mount for what appears to be designed for an angle leg would be acceptable.

    Sabre, Sitepro and the others should look into designing something that would be more practical.

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