Which box is the industry standard?

Discussion in 'The PIM Corner' started by Megatechnerd, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Megatechnerd

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    I know a bunch of companies make PIM test sets (Anritsu, Boonton, Kaelus/Summitek) which machine are carriers and engineers requesting most?
  2. cableman

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    I don't think any machine is the standard for PIM testing, and I hope there never is one.

    Summitek used to have a lock on it, but like any other test equipment where the cost is in excess of 30 grand you are going to find other companies that will try to build a better box.

    CCI http://www.cciproducts.com/ is the newest in the market and they've become fairly popular. I think Primus is their distributor.

    Hopefully carriers will not dictate what type of PIM test equipment has to be used.

    By telling people what manufacturer's equipment they have to use would keep new products from being developed. The free market allows for innovative and accellerated research to put out the best product. It also lowers pricing.

    Not allowing that to happen would be detrimental to the carriers who want the best possible installation at an affordable price.

    That will never happen without a competitive test equipment industry.
  3. PimTesting.com

    PimTesting.com Industry Observer

    There is no "standard" test equipment. However, not all carriers accept the use of all PIM test equipment. Check the MOPS of your customers before you buy.

    Regardless of which units you buy, make sure the manufacturers has a tech certification program. Training makes a big difference in testing and troubleshooting durations.
  4. Brent McMurray

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    @Megatechnerd - Summitek, now Kaelus offers several portable boxes used for Macro sites as well as DAS and infrastructure component testing. They are priced well below the price Cableman spoke of above. In fact, the handheld unit is around $4K.

    Kaleus is also launching their Return to Fault product which allows the test unit to determine the distance to the highest source of PIM in your RF Test. Huge time saver and ultimately saves $$$ for installers/troubleshooting.
  5. Paul Tusini

    Paul Tusini First Time Poster

    One item people tend to overlook is the test lead used with any pim gear. You need a good one and it needs to be low in PIM....always. Times Microwave makes unarguably the most rugged and durable low pim test lead in the industry. You can get a sense of it's durabiity by viewing the durability demo.

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