Why are Job Hazard Analysis forms available with the ESL?

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    The short answer: To provide you with industry-developed Best Practices JHAs, also known as JSAs.

    There is one for projects that will require elevated work 6' or more above the ground, meeting and exceeding TIA 1019-A-2011's form requirements, and another Best Practices JHA for projects that do not require elevated work.

    Wireless Estimator and 16 of the nation's leading wireless contractors and development firms of all sizes developed these JHAs in an effort to provide a greater degree of commonality and best practices.

    Since it has been estimated that approximately 40% of all wireless infrastructure projects do not require working above 6', a second JHA was developed that does not include the tower and climber-centric check list items that are mandated where there is elevated work.

    As always, you are free to use your company's JHA and ensure OSHA compliance by providing the emergency services information available through Wireless Estimator's ESL form.

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