Why not a separate PIM testing area????

Discussion in 'The PIM Corner' started by Bshire, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Since PIM is a possible problem for UMTS wide-band networks, testing is necessary to ensure that all antenna system components meet the required performance standards, improving the level of quality assurance unattainable with sweep testing.

    But a lot of workers - whether they're in construction management or in the field testing - may not have as much information about the subject as they should.

    The occasional posts on your site are oftentimes helpful, but there's too much searching necessary to find them.

    You might consider having a separate section on Wireless Estimator or this forum where people knowledgeable about it could write articles or add their expertise.

    Sort of like a PIM primer up to advanced testing.

    It would be another benefit that you could offer to the industry.
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    Hi Bshire,
    We think it's an excellent idea as well.
    CommScope's management sent us their PIM Frequently Asked Questions in reply to your post. Please see: FAQs

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