Why will Sarah Palin be at NATE???

Discussion in 'Breaking and Other News Comments' started by topazt2, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. topazt2

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    The main speaker at NATE will be Sarah Palin. Whoopee!!! What does she bring to the table regarding tower safety??? She'll read a few stories on the plane and then try to make her normal speech relative. Lots of luck. Don't khnow how much they paid her but I bet it was a bundle. Google what she makes and you'll find the average number to be 75-100 thousand.
  2. rclaxton

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  3. Jimmy Colbert

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    Next year they'll get Joe Biden whose son was just kicked out of the Navy for drug use. Then he could talk about substance abuse problems that we have. If Gerald Ford wasn't dead they could bring him in the following year and talk about slips, trips and falls.
  4. valton

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    Absurd. Take that money and reduce the attendance cost by $100. I guess they think that everybody is a Repulican and no Democratics can own a business. If you want an inspirational message get someone to discuss the high death rate and ways to stop it.
  5. Towerjim

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    I am really excited that she is going to speak and also thankful for the kind of out of the box thinking that NATE has had lately. The volunteer leadership of the trade show and speakers gets a big time whoop from me!
  6. Andy "Skooter" Elliot

    Andy "Skooter" Elliot Industry Observer

    I don't think anyone was knocking the volunteer members of Nate, just the choice of speaker. If you want an inspiration speaker get someone like Pat Riley. Every company at Nate wants to lead a championship team. Who would be better with that message than a 6 time NBA champ coach?
  7. tkeppler

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    I literally sent them this very email. I am sure they are thinking it was me. They assured me it was still less, and it wouldn't be political in nature. This was despite the fact I said it wasn't for political reasons why I had an issue with her. She brings nothing to the table in this industry, and very little relevance in any other. She can drop a moose from 200 yards. Big deal. Thanks NATE for ensuring I will not be spending the money to go to your valuable conference.
  8. Wireless Estimator

    Wireless Estimator Administrator Staff Member

    Having Sara Palin as the keynote speaker was a gutsy move on NATE’s part since she appears to be unaligned with wireless telecommunications construction, unless, perhaps, she’s accidentally shot out an incandescent beacon while moose hunting.

    Under traditional keynote expectations, her address should be designed to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message of the event.
    And, as identified with the term key note, which comes from the practice of a capella where a note is played before singing, such as with barbershop singers, hopefully Palin will start with a B sharp safety measure.

    But oftentimes keynotes are meant to set the tone for enthusiastically embracing challenges. It will be interesting to hear her discussion.

    Last year, the venerable Marty Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone, received a standing ovation as NATE’s keynote speaker. He basically discussed the genesis of the cell phone and the good things it can bring in the future.

    It wasn't necessarily illuminating if you’re entrenched in the business, but he instilled the message of pride that was taken away from the event that tower climbers, project managers, site acquisition folks and everyone else in wireless infrastructure development can look back and know that it was and will continue to be through their efforts that America has the world’s best telecommunications systems.

    It is not known if NATE looked at NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams for their keynote speaker slot. He could have regaled the audience with his recollections of single-handedly building out the nation’s first analog cell system in Chicago's south side while being attacked by Mickey Cobra gang members, an accomplishment that convicted cell site developer Clovis Prince used to take credit for, even though he was serving a sentence for embezzlement at the time.

    Prince was a keynote speaker at the Tower Summit and Trade Show, which morphed into the Tower & Small Cell Summit at CTIA.

    Hopefully, he didn't motivate too many people.
  9. tkeppler

    tkeppler Friend of the Community

    It may be gutsy, but it still isn't portraying what many of the members want to see. The cost of a representative that is irrelevant to the industry is not showing improvement to the industry. I know Facebook is far from an accurate representation of what people are looking for, but it has been topic of discussion in the threads. If people are looking for a name (Sarah Palin, Pat Riley) then they are missing the point of what is supposed to be happening here. This is not supposed to be a sales convention such as PCIA or anything like that. This is a group that is dedicating its money and resources to the safety and standardization of the industry.
  10. Paul Russell

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    She is only the keynote speaker. I don't know of anyone who goes to an event because of the keynote. Nor do they really care how much it cost for the speaker as long as the conference tickets haven't gone up. They are going to Nate because there are sessions, networking and many other things that will make them and their company safer and more successful. This is also purposely a sales convention with a huge exhibit hall just like PCIA...maybe even bigger. That's another reason people go to learn about the newest and best products for safety and other business needs.

    Not everything every conference has provides everything you are looking for. Such as you might not be interested in one of the classes because it doesn't affect you. In fact a lot of the sessions are divided for management and tower techs at the same time. The great thing is you can pick and chose. If you pick not to see Sarah, so be it. But if you chose not to go to the show because of her you miss out on everything else that is good about the show. It looks like the industry disagrees with the few Facebook posts and is choosing to go in record numbers.
  11. Kevin Reski

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    Hello fellow tower tradespeople,

    You won't hear for yourself what Sarah Palin has to present to well over a thousand people at the annual NATE conference if you can't or won't attend next week.

    Unless she is out climbing a communications tower this week, we wont hear about Sarah Palin's real life tower climbing experiences or RF knowledge, but I am interested and anxious to listen to her presentation which will probably open up our tiny brains like it does at every annual conference.

    There are many of us who attend everything including the presentation and updates from our hard working board of directors, the several committees updates and ideas, "primary members only voting session", our members "open forum" discussions for suggestions for the association, the plethora of tradeshow exhibits and presentations, training in conference rooms, updates, suggestions, recommendations, timely questions, etc.

    You probably realize that the active NATE members are not the takers in our association or who complain about it.

    Please show up, join up to help us steer the association and meet all of the other friends and membership who unselfishly volunteer for the good of this mass of tower climber workers every year.

    Thank you to all of the committees including the Tradeshow committee's great choice of Sarah Palin for our conference speaker.

    A shout-out of thanks to the entire NATE staff in Watertown, SD for all of their hard work on preparing this exceptional conference.

    Many of you know of me as a little tower hick from this frozen wind swept area, but I still say this is the best organization in the world for all of us tower climbers and workers, plus for our very generous suppliers!

    Jump in front of me to say Hey again this year when you spot me anywhere at the conference, except at the urinals.

    "Those who free climb towers for speed or vanity will surely lose both".
  12. Climber 1997

    Climber 1997 Industry Observer

    HICK: Highly Intelligent Climber Knowledge
    If everyone had a little hick in them we wouldn't have a high fatality and accident rate.
    Your point is well taken. The majority of keyboard pounding complainers seldom contribute anything to the industry except for lip service.
    Perhaps Mr. Tkeppler can provide a list of 9 candidates for the 2016 keynote speech for the tradeshow committee to make their job a little easier.

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