Will the addition of one antenna require an analysis?

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  1. Ginpole ll

    Ginpole ll Industry Observer

    I'm adding one small antenna to a 200' guyed tower in Wyoming. Does anybody know if I'm required to do a structural analysis?
  2. Clifford Bryan

    Clifford Bryan Industry Observer

    I believe the answer is Yes. "Small Antenna" is a relative term, and depending on the current loading, condition, design, and construction of the existing tower it is possible that the tower is in need of modification to meet current EIA-TIA standards.
  3. Jason Fortier

    Jason Fortier Industry Observer

    Revision G says a new analysis must be done if there is "a significant change in type, size, or number of appurtenances such as antennas, transmission lines, platforms, ladders, etc."

    The question is what is "significant"? It's kind of open to interpretation
  4. George

    George Friend of the Community

    The total elevation area of the antinnaes designed for is mentioned in the drawings.

    Whenever an antinnae is added, which will exceed the total area by more than 0.3 SQM, our clients asks us to make the analysis and confirm that the design is satisfactory.
  5. J. Tinsley

    J. Tinsley Industry Observer

    What is the face width of the tower, what height are you installing the new antenna, and what antennas currently existing and at what heights? If you want to send the info to me at james.tinsley2010@gmail.com I'll run a quick analysis for you to see if a formal anlysis is needed.

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