Wisconsin vote dampens the idea of a tower climber's union

Discussion in 'Managing Projects and Business Issues' started by rclaxton, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. rclaxton

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    An article in the Daily Koz suggested that if tower climbers decide to organize into a labor union it wouldn't be easy in today's economic climate.

    Difficult has turned into almost impossible after yesterday's recall election in Wisconsin saw Governor Walker win. It was a crushing defeat for labor unions from many states that spent millions of dollars trying to dump Walker.

    It was a message that will possibly have other states looking to do what Walker did, ending collective bargaining for public employees - a huge blow to unions.
  2. Vizsla

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    The unions are losing their power all over. The House turned down legislation this week that would have revitalized putting call centers in America and not offshore.

    The CWA was heavily backing this after T-Mobile put their call center in India or somewhere.

    ATT union techs did a one day walkout in California this month because they didn't like an internal memo that was distributed. It didn't do squat. Management laughed their butts off and the workers lost a days pay and they make about $38 an hour.

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