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    I am a firefighter in SC, and recently traveled to MI to take a tower rescue class from Ropes That Rescue, Ltd. This agency is ran by Reed Thorne, a very well respected name in the rope rescue world, and former lineman. We started the class at a local FD outside of Detroit, where a tower company had donated appx. 70' of a free standing tower. Not sure who done the erecting/transportation/etc, but thought of this as a great idea. Looking for something to be donated to a FD in SC, does anyone know of a company willing to do so? We have a training ground that we are getting geared up to teach advanced levels of rope rescue. Currently, the only elevated structures we can get on are water towers. Pass this around, and please respond back with any suggestions.
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    Chris I think this is a good idea. Firefighters need to be trained in high altitude rescue. I've been building and working on towers for a long time now. Sometimes we are required to contact the local fire stations and report what we are doing. They normally say ok but there isn't much we could do to help if someone gets hurt in the air. Our solution was to get trained so we could rescue in house. If you are looking for gear on maybe a small tower to practice on go to the web site Tower Talk. There are a lot of ham operators and such discussing alot of stuff. I'm sure you can find what you are looking for there.

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