Your worst nightmare, a delight for car detailers

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    A contractor honored his two-year-old quotation to a broadcaster to paint their 1,200' tower – a relatively easy project located upon rural grazing land. Following a two-day mobilization, he found that the station owner had leased a portion underneath the tower to a foreign car importer who used the site for a distribution center. If you don't ask, they won't tell.
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    With today's economy, it's doubtful that you'll see those cars there. What I love is when the owner tells you that the top sections might need some scraping. He obviously didn't climb the tower because when you get up there it is a rusting, flaking mess. And try to get a change order...especially on a broadcast tower. AM & FM stations are hurting with ad revenues being down. They're letting engineers and other staff people go. Do you think the maintenance of their towers will be a high priority?

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