Bob Hardee did!
July 31, 2006 -- Bob Hardee of Jupiter, FL, won this month's cash prize of $100.00 and a $100.00 gift certificate from PRIMUS Electronics during July's random monthly drawing. A frequent contributor to the forum, Bob was a former site acquisition manager for Crown Castle International. The last drawing will be held August 31, 2006. In order to be eligible to win all you have to do is answer an existing post or provide a new thread. 

Lecia Shorter did!
June 30, 2006 -- Lecia Shorter was this month's winner of $100.00 in cash from and a $100.00 gift certificate from PRIMUS Electronics following a random drawing of those viewers contributing to our Discussion Forum.
Lecia had requested information regarding a site acquisition contract that she had been considering. President of Savant Realty Advisors, Inc. of Beverly Hills, CA, Lecia is active in acquiring site locations for tower and management companies.

Robert Friedhoff did!
May 31, 2006 -- Robert Friedhoff was May's winner in Wireless Estimator's random drawing of people who have provided a new post in our Discussion Forum, or have replied to an existing one. Robert's post questioned whether any viewers had a MS Project template for self-supporting microwave tower construction. He is with US International Development Consortium, Inc., a federal contracting company from Avon, Connecticut. His firm is currently providing a bid for a microwave project in Iraq. He will receive $100 and a $100 gift certificate from PRIMUS Electronics.

Jim Swartos did!
April 30, 2006 - Jim Swartos was April's winner of  $100 and a $100 gift certificate from PRIMUS Electronics in the Discussion Forum's monthly random drawing. His post discussed occasional problems with generator and UPS handoffs. Jim has been teaching electronics in Bellingham, WA for the past eight years. Prior to instructing new industry technicians, he was a radio broadcast engineer for 30 years.

Brian Leary did!
March 31, 2006 - Adding to an existing post on surge arrestors and power getting to TMAs won Brian Leary of Las Vegas, NV a $100 bill from and a $100 gift certificate from PRIMUS Electronics. Brian is employed as a construction coordinator for Bechtel Corporation and is currently assigned to a project in Cleveland, OH. He has been in the telecommunications industry for the past 14 years. Oftentimes he is called upon to troubleshoot RF problems.

Darrin McLeod did!
February 28, 2006 - A post regarding whether a geotech report should be handled separately from a tower design/construct contract was the random pick for February, winning Darrin McLeod a crisp one hundred dollar bill and a $100 gift certificate from Primus Electronics. A civil engineer for the tower and communications department for the Alaska Bureau of Land Management, Darrin has been with the Fairbanks agency for the past three years. He says that his group has certified climbers, but he does not work on elevated structures…perhaps a blessing. Today's temperature was 12 below.

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