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February 13, 2006 -  At its annual meeting today in Orlando, the board of directors of the National Association of Tower Erectors elected Don Doty to head the organization during 2006. Doty replaces Craig Snyder who resigned as chairman after serving NATE for the past four years. Also selected by the board to fulfill key roles were Pat Cipov, Vice Chairperson and  Terry Sharp, Secretary/Treasurer.

National Association of Tower Erectors 2006
Don Doty, Chairman
Doty-Moore Tower Service, LLC;
Cedar Hill, Texas





Pat Cipov
Cipov Enterprises, Inc., Vice Chairperson; Sumter, South Carolina  

Terry Sharp
Secretary/Treasurer, Grant Tower, Inc.; Grant Michigan

Ron Romano
Installation Services, Inc.; Genoa, Illinois
Jim Coleman
Southern Broadcast Services, Inc.; Pelham, Alabama




 Hannah  Reski
Dave Anthony
Shenandoah Tower Service, LTD; Staunton, Virginia  
William Gathright,Sr. 
Brook Hill
Communications, Inc.; Mechanicsville, Virginia
 John S. Hanna, Jr.
Tower & Communication Services, Inc.; Florence, South Carolina
Kevin Reski
Great Plains Towers, Inc.; West Fargo, ND

Doty has been in the tower industry for 32 years and is co-owner of Doty Moore Tower Services LLC. Educated in the Midwest and relocated to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 1977, he has been an active participant in the industry and has worked to promote change for the benefit of the industry through his involvement with several associations. Doty was a charter member of NATE and has served as Vice Chairman of NATE, executive Board Member, as well as Committee Chair of the OSHA Relations Committee for over ten years. He also served as a member of the Tower Erection Task Group assigned by the Advisory Council on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) in Washington, DC.

Doty Moore has been a member of National Association of Broadcasters for 11 years and member of the National Society of Broadcast Engineers, Texas Association of Broadcasters.

Doty is a past Associate Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers. He was a participant in the SENRAC (Steel Erection Negotiated Rule Advisory Committee) Committee with the US Department of Labor.  Doty recently completed service as a member of the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) TR14.7 Committee for Tower Design and Chaired The Safety Facilities Task Group.

The new chairman is also actively involved with accident investigations throughout the tower industry and has been over the last 20 years.

Doty has also given numerous presentations on OSHA/Safety/RF-Safety matters over the last 11 years and has presented six times at the National Association of Tower Erectors annual and semi-annual events; four times at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), also the NIOSH office (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health), three times for the National Safety Council, Toronto in 2001, Chicago in 2003 and most recently in Orlando, FL in September 2005; also OTI (OSHA Training Institute), IEEE and several SBE meetings all regarding tower safety issues. 

New director seated
Kevin Reski of Great Plains Towers, West Fargo, ND, was elected last November to serve on the board of directors of the association.

Four incumbent board members were also reelected: Pat Cipov of Cipov Enterprises, Inc.; William Gathright, Sr. of Brook Hill Communications, Inc.; Ron Romano of Installation Services, Inc. and Jim Coleman of Southern Broadcast Services, Inc.

NATE had an excellent slate of candidates participating in 2006's election that included Kevin Hayden of Hayden Tower Service, Inc., and Michael Moskowitz of Paramount Advanced Wireless. Hayden had previously served as the association's chairman and Moskowitz was a founding member/director of the association.

Snyder chose to step down from the leadership position to pave the way for a fresh perspective that NATE will gain under a new chairman, according to the association.

NATE's annual meeting, conference and exhibition is being held at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL through February 16, 2006. 

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