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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tells you what has happened during the past month in regards to employment New Tower Constructionlevels in the wireless subsector of approximately 195,000 workers within the tracked telecommunications segment.

Unfortunately, those numbers cover a broad base of workers, most of them not employed in the development, design and construction of wireless communications structures. Plus the information is of little value.

Using the industry's largest and most comprehensive job listings in the nation, WirelessEstimator's new employment tracker can assist in forecasting where the industry is heading and not where it's been, allowing companies to immediately assess changes within the sector.

In example, the number of employment ads placed during August of 2010 eclipsed August 2009's placements by a staggering 400%.

Beginning with a September 2009 support baseline there has been a steady rise during the past year, especially for construction managers and tower technicians for tower construction and BTS installations.
Tower Contracting Help Wanted
Although the industry as a whole is benefitting from increased development and projects, safety companies are one of the first groups to capture additional business as they ensure that new employees entering the workforce have the proper fall protection training and equipment.

The tracker provides monthly job posts and a moving four month average for the past five years. It is updated at the first of the month.

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