Wireless Estimator's New Blue Book Service
Vendors, contractors and purchasers now have access to the nation's most influential Buyer's Guide


  • Capture the high visibility that you've never been able to achieve before
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User Benefits:

  • Never again will you have to spend hours searching for the right vendor for your solution or the contractor that’s able to fulfil your needs
  • Over 1,400 contractors, suppliers and service companies – all in one location
  • Network and Wireless Estimator Blue Bookdevelop strategic relationships with contractors for partnerships on projects
  • Works perfectly in any mobile device so that you can order products or services at any time
  • Verified as the nation’s largest and most effective buyer’s guide
  • Lightning-quick search capabilities by company, contractor region, state; or supplier and service categories
  • Allows you to review the nation's largest selection of companies so that you can be assured that you're picking the right relationship
  • Provides an opportunity for the nation's workers to have access to contact and additional information for contractors in the market where they are seeking employment

You CAN’T afford not to have your business on the web site that has more successful wireless infrastructure companies advertising than all industry media combined. And there is a one word reason why: Results.  

About the Wireless Estimator BLUE BOOK
Our categories provide every industry service from Supply Chain Management to Safety Suppliers wView All Suppliers/Serviceshere you’ll find the nation’s leading companies. All of these suppliers have numerous web pages with up- to-date information…another compelling reason why you’ll have to agree that this is not your father’s buyer’s guide. You can view over 1,100 vetted contractors employing aerial workers obtained from our proprietary databases. You can easily VIEW ALL CONTRACTORSsort by state and also by whether they are a NATE member. If you have a project where you’ll need a local company to help you support it, then view the interactive map and get the assistance you require.

Wireless Estimator Blue BookFor additional information contact BlueBook@WirelessEstimator.com

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