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2/3/16 1 Adelaide River, Australia 43 Details not provided in news reports as of 2/3/16
5/5/13   Alberta, Canada 25

Fell 193 feet from a cell tower in Alberta while installing antennas on a Rogers Communications-owned tower.

3/5/13 2 Kiev, Ukraine 33

Two workers maintaining a communications tower in southern Ukraine fell and died, the State Service of Emergencies said.

The two tower techs, both 33, were found dead on the ground by emergency services called to the Crimea peninsula site.Local authorities said they had launched an investigation into the accident.

Experts estimate that at least 10 repairmen of communications towers die in falls in Ukraine every year. However, there are no official statistics regarding the fatalities.

6/4/12  1 Bokenesstrand, South Africa 25

A man died after he fell from an 80-foot monopole cell phone tower. The deceased was reportedly performing maintenance on the structure when a platform failed. He was declared dead on the scene. An inquest docket was opened and police were investigating the death.

2/9/12 2 Gujjarpura, India   Two tower technicians were killed and five others sustained injuries when a tower which was being installed collapsed and fell on them. Guy wires were being installed on the tower at the time of the accident. Police have collected evidence from the scene. A case has been registered against Ehsan, the cellular contractor, but no arrests have been made at this point.
10/31/11 2 Ghana 30, 31 Two Ghana Riggers KilledTwo erectors were killed when they were dismantling a 100-foot guyed tower for MTN Ghana. One was crushed between a wall and the other IPS Mast Construction employee was killed by the falling steel.
9/8/11 1 Cambridgeshire, England 57 Worker was killed when a monopole collapsed that was being constructed.
4/14/11 2 Assam, India   Three riggers were erecting a self supporting tower when it suddenly collapsed in the Dima Hasao district
11/4/10 3 Peshawar, Pakistan   Three tower technicians were removing a guyed tower for Radio Pakistan when it collapsed. A fourth worker was seriously injured, but survived.
10/15/10 2 Belize 21, 29 Belize Tower Worker DeathsThe men were riding a monopole section up when the crane's load line failed. They reportedly were not killed by severe trauma from falling, but from receiving serious wounds from the cable when it came loose.
8/26/10 1 Canada 26 Quebec rigger was working on a microwave dish at the 100' level on a guyed tower in Ontario when he fell.
4/8/2010 1 BALI, Badung 26 Rigger was taking down a 200' tower when it collapsed due to rusted legs. Other crew members on the ground were not injured.
6/28/2009 2 INDIA, Sripuranthan Village 28, 28 Riggers were from West Bengal. Cell tower collapsed as they erecting it for BSNL Network. Were at the 30-foot level.
4/9/2009 1 GHANA 35 Telecom engineer fell 150'. Was part of a four-member crew fixing an antenna.
2008 5 INDONESIA, Jakarta 29, 38, 39 43, 43 Five men were killed when their 4'x4' man basket fell 160'. Inquiry said that the weight of the equipment in it along with the five men caused the failure with the gondola's rigging. Project was managed by a US-based company out of Florida, RPI of Orlando.
2006 2 CAMBODIA   Structural failure of a guyed tower while the riggers were erecting it. Fabrication error being cited.
4/5/2005 1 CANADA, Manitoba 21 Fell off of an AM tower at the 55' level while hoisting transmission line. Had PPE on but it was not attached.
11/5/2005 1 TRINIDAD, Gran Couva 32 A Guatemalan national was working at the 25' level of a 100' monopole when he fell. Report said he had PPE on but was apparently not tied off. Step bolts were on structure.
2003 1 AUSTRALIA, NSW   Rigger fell from cherrypicker while doing tower work
2002 1 AUSTRALIA, NSW   Rigger fell from guyed tower when it collapsed
2000 2 BAHAMAS, Exuma 36, 39 Two BaTelCo workers died when a 260’ tower collapsed while they were inspecting it. Both men had over 15 years of experience as riggers.
1998 1 AUSTRALIA   Rigger fell from communications tower
1998 1 CANADA, British Columbia   Rigger fell after belting off on a lightening rod to change a light on a 300' tower. The rod failed.
1998 1 CANADA, Ontario 29 Fell 87' from a monopole while checking a leak on a newly-installed waveguide run. Might have had trolley or brake installed upside down.  
1996 1 CANADA, Newfoundland   Unauthorized rigger training on 3rd party tower. Slipped 50'. Improper gear.
1989 1 MALAYSIA   Rigger fell from concrete monopole when it collapsed

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