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Safety Consultants

Few wireless construction companies or tower owners are afforded the opportunity to employ a full time safety officer. Organizational safety is typically a shared responsibility of a project or site manager, and oftentimes the company’s owner.

Although their experience, knowledge and passionate desire to maintain a safe working environment for their employees are very effective, sometimes pressing business issues unintentionally reduce their focus on administrative safety requirements.

Many companies are turning to safety consultants to ensure that their current written safety and health program is up to date and adheres to OSHA and ANSI requirements. If the business does not have a program in place, they can help draft one specifically for their company. This can be very cost effective, considering the extensive time and knowledge that is required to write and implement a new program.

Safety Consulting 2Consultants can also provide your organization with a safety and health assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses, along with options to make your company compliant with State and Federal regulations. This appraisal can be coupled with workplace liability training for managers and supervisors.

No owner ever envisions that there could be a serious injury or fatality within their organization, but if one does take place, it can be beneficial to obtain the services of a consultant to provide an independent investigation.

An effective safety program can save you time and money by reducing lost-time from accidents, lowering your insurance premiums and creating a more productive atmosphere through a safe working environment. By preventing accidents, you can reduce or eliminate both direct and indirect costs and add the savings to your bottom line. Although there is a great amount of information available from State OSHA  and Federal OSHA web sites, consultants can help you to identify what specific requirements your wireless construction company must follow.

CalculatorMost consultants will quote a fixed price, or a range with a minimum and maximum, for performing a specific task, usually with a stated rate per day for extras outside the agreed upon scope of work. One important implication of this is that you must convey clearly to the consultant the exact scope of work, and the consultant must understand and agree. Negotiating a detailed contract with the consultant is advisable.

Relief provided to 200’ access ruling

Up until March of 2002, OSHA prohibited personnel from riding the line to their work station if it was located below 200 feet. OSHA has since identified that riding the line can be safely accomplished if guidelines were followed. The new OSHA Directive provides instructions to tower erectors regarding riding the line. It also identifies personnel lifting hoist requirements for design, construction, installation, testing, inspection, maintenance, modification, repair and operations.

The instruction states that it applies only to the construction of new communications towers. It says activities such as maintenance, retrofitting, and dismantling will be addressed in a future directive. However, during the 2004 NATE conference, Rob Medlock, Area Director in the Cleveland area OSHA office, said that the instruction’s application seemed incongruous and he also questioned whether a procedure could be safe in one condition and unsafe in another. If the compliance directive was followed, but the employees were installing an antenna and rode the line to their work station, it would be doubtful that the contractor would be cited for willful violations or unsafe practices. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you contact a safety consultant for guidance.

We recommend that you contact our listed safety consultants to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities, experience and consulting fees.

In Wireless Estimator's Discussion Forum there is a section that focuses upon Safety Issues. You are invited to start a new thread or reply to an existing one; however, it is advised that you review all relative safety regulations and consult a safety professional prior to relying upon the accuracy of any forum members information.

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