Tower construction industry leaders and safety professionals believe that FACE reports can be used effectively to create a greater awareness of how fatalities can easily arise and what preventative measures can be taken to keep them from occurring. 
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55-Year-Old Communications Tower Worker Killed After Falling 60 Feet
7/18/08 - Released 11/5/10

Hispanic Tower Erector Falls to Death from Television Tower in Nebraska 
6/16/03  - Guest Analysis
Telecommunications Tower Maintenance Worker Struck By Cable In Nebraska 
4/22/02  - Guest Analysis
Three Tower Painters Die After Falling 1,200' While Riding the Hoist Line in North Carolina  12/3/99  - Guest Analysis
Tower Construction Worker Dies Following 940-Foot Fall From Television Tower In Missouri  12/8/98
Tower Hand Dies After 230-Foot Fall From Communications Tower in North Carolina 

Tower Construction Worker Dies Following 200 Foot Fall From Radio Tower in Missouri  10/14/98

Tower Erector Dies After Falling 200 Feet From Telecommunication Tower in North Carolina 7/16/98 - Guest Analysis
Tower Painter Dies and a Second Painter Injured After Falling 900 Feet While Inside a Man Basket in South Carolina    
Tower Erector Dies After Falling 125 Feet From Cellular Phone Tower In South Carolina 
3/29/98 - Guest Analysis
Tower Worker Dies After Falling 130 Feet From Hoist Cable To Ground in Pennsylvania 
Tower Erector Dies after Falling 200 Feet from a Tower in North Carolina
Antenna Technican Dies After Falling 310 Feet from a Television Tower in Colorado


Hoisting Employees To Their Work Stations: OSHA Directive: CPL 2-1.36  
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