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ATC acquires Richland Towers’ assets in a $350 million deal

Richland Towers, the U.S.'s largest privately owned tall tower company, has been acquired by American Tower Corporation for an estimated $350 million. Approximately 50 towers were involved in the deal which is expected to be discussed during ATC’s first quarter conference call scheduled for May 1, 2014. Please see: Richland

Richland Towers' tall towers sold to American Tower Corporation

Pinpoint Towers fined $21,000 fine for violations involving death 

OSHA has cited Optica Network Technologies, which it states in a press release operates as Pinpoint Towers LLC, with three serious safety violations after a worker was fatally injured during a fall from a communications tower on Nov. 23, 2013 at a work site in Wichita, Kan. The fine for the alleged violations is $21,000.  Please see: Pinpoint

OSHA fines Pinpoint Towers following tech's death

Rescuers and a lanyard help save a tower tech's life in NC

Fall protection equipment and two firefighters helped to save the life of a tower technician who fell while providing maintenance on a monopole late this afternoon. According to news report and available video, the tech was working alone on the tower when he fell and hung from his safety harness and lanyard for over an hour. Please see: 100% Tie-Off Works

PPE helps to save a climber's life

Sprint raises its cell site shuttering to at least 6,000 locations

According to a filing with the SEC, Sprint expects to decommission at least 6,000 cell sites by the end of 2015 as part of its plan to shut down WiMAX service. When the carrier announced last fall its plan to sunset WiMAX as it moved to LTE technology their redundant Clearwire sites totaled 4,300. Please see: Sprint 

Sprint to shelter 6,000 cell sites

RSI introduces SATIMO personal protection monitors in the U.S.

Radiofrequency Safety International (RSI) has announced that it can provide immediate delivery of the SATIMO Personal Protection Monitors. Leading the way in 21st century technology, SATIMO RFR monitors were just released for sale in the USA and RSI is the only authorized distributor for these state of the art devices. Please see: SATIMO

RSI introduces EME Guard monitors in the U.S.

Two techs are dead following the collapse of Kansas towers

Two tower technicians were killed when two towers collapsed in Blaine, Kan. The Pottawatomie Co. Sheriff's Office said the structures fell about 9:30 a.m. near the junction of Highways 16 and 99. A four-man crew was removing a decommissioned tower when the accident occurred. Please see: Kansas

Two techs are dead following the collapse of two Kansas towers

AT&T’s tower crew program could be an industry game changer

AT&T’s Tower Crew Augmentation Program (TCAP), a plan designed to provide the carrier with a quicker and more quality-driven build-out, could adversely affect the contracting landscape of smaller tower construction companies if its rollout proves to be successful. It might also cut into Verizon’s 4G construction lead. In building out 4G it appears big is better again. Please see: AT&T TCAP Program

ATandT National TCAP program could affect smaller tower companies

Maryland accident claims the life of another tech

A 21-year-old tower technician was pronounced dead after he fell approximately 180 feet from a water tower in Pasadena, Md., according to a press release issued by the Anne Arundel County Fire Department. The man, whose name hasn’t been released, was the industry’s fourth fatality in 2014. Please see: Maryland Death 

Fourth tower tech fatality in 2014

Industry is quick to weigh in after Hang Men’s debut

Realty TV has no bounds and a recent successful entry is Game of Arms, an unscripted program about arm wrestling – a wristy business. So it was no surprise that the Discovery Channel saw the profit potential of riding on the shirttails of tower erection and maintenance – a risky business - and they premiered Hang Men last night to mixed reviews. Please see: Hang Men 

Hang Men will put tower work’s dangers back in the spotlight

NBC’s Tower Dogs, Frontline’s Cell Tower Deaths and Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs took the tower construction industry out of the shadows, but the profession will be cast in a brighter spotlight on Friday, March 14, 2014 at 11:00 p.m. eastern when Hang Men, an original presentation on the Discovery Channel, showcases the heroic work of the industry's men and women. Please see: Docudrama

Hang Men will make its debut on the Discovery Channel

Tower contest provides world’s tallest human shish kabob grill

The Turkish seaport city of Canakkale has announced the winner of an international competition for a broadcast tower design that, if built, might eclipse visitor attendance to their wooden horse exhibit from the 2004 movie Troy – placed there because Canakkale is the closest city to the site of ancient Troy. But like the Trojan horse, it’s hiding an elite and deadly RF force inside. Please see: Turkey Award 

RF takes a back seat in international tower design contest

NATE doesn’t disappoint as it unites and ignites enthusiasm

The National Association of Tower Erectors’ annual convention in San Diego, Calif.
ended Thursday, and the four day confab not only lived up to its promise to unite the wireless construction industry, but provided a conference that is being recognized as the best event the trade group has ever held. Please see: UNITE

Martin Cooper keynotes NATE UNITE 2014
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