North Carolina catches up to India’s ongoing homeowner lease scams

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Ashe County, N.C. Sheriff B. Phil Howell is reaching out to residents, urging their support and collaboration in addressing a recent potential cell tower scam that has reportedly fleeced money from “many potential victims.”

The Asche County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) believes some homeowners may have fallen for this scheme, which may involve sending money for a deed search, cell tower placement, or consultant fees.

Due to the many scammed residents, the ACSO today set up downloadable forms to assist them in their investigation.

“We recognize that many of you may have received mass emails regarding this matter. Please only provide communications that are directly relevant to your situation and personal property,” ACSO said.

Although this type of fraud in the U.S. is not commonplace, in India, it’s an ordinary scam where cell tower lease payments are offered, with hucksters offering considerable tower rent of $1,000 a month or more.

However, to complete the agreement, homeowners must send money for expenses like government taxes, filing fees, and other costs that appear to be legitimate.

If the homeowner has any reservations about the deal and wants additional time to consider it, the closer is similar to, “Fine; however, we need to get this done immediately for the mobile operator and, as you’re aware, your neighbor will certainly agree to something like this, but we’re giving you the first opportunity.”