Washington TV anchors find a tower rescue of two of their employees to be a laughable event

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Three TV personalities spent almost five minutes laughing while two of the station’s employees were rescued after being stuck in an elevator (photo inset) on their nearby broadcast tower. –Photos screenshot from NBC4 broadcast.

Earlier this week, after a small elevator on a 662-foot self-supporting broadcast tower owned by NBC4 in Washington, DC malfunctioned and two employees were unable to return to the ground in Tenleytown where they were stuck at about the 350-foot level, a DC Fire and EMS team provided a rope rescue to bring the men to safety.

The rescuers’ professionalism was on display. Unfortunately, two station co-anchors and an onsite reporter were anything but competent during their newscast as they found the event to be quite humorous, with cackling throughout the broadcast that would make Vice President Kamala Harris blush with envy.

They laughed at the situation as they watched one of the employees being lowered to the ground, which can be dangerous if not done correctly. They suggested that the workers will have “considerable stories to tell at their holiday Christmas party.”

Towards the end of the five-minute broadcast, available here, the reporter justified their behavior with this nonsensical statement: “If we were covering a story like this and it was somewhere else and if we didn’t know who was involved, and we didn’t know which tower this was, we wouldn’t be laughing.”