For those unaware of the Climber Rescuer Training Standard, a guided tour is available in new NATE video

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Two years ago, NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association released the Climber/Rescuer Training Standard (CRTS) to establish uniform fall protection and rescue training guidelines for the tower and communications infrastructure sector.

Now that the standard is well-established and welcomed by NATE and non-NATE members for its novel evaluation methods for employers to identify qualified climbers/rescuers and provide guidance on developing and sustaining a fall-protection program, the association unveiled a video highlighting its importance and success.

NATE.Safety.TrainingThe video conducts a deep dive into the CRTS, presenting a series of training topics and establishing a minimum baseline of knowledge and skill that a climber should possess. The CRTS training topics include an evaluation intended to help an employer designate personnel initially as authorized climbers/rescuers and for personnel with sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience as competent climbers/rescuers. ­

The CRTS also offers guidelines to support an employer’s development and maintenance of its fall protection program to comply with the ANSI/ASSP A10.48 Standard and regulations where work is conducted.

“This video does a great job of breaking down the importance of employers structuring their training to the guidelines outlined in the NATE CRTS with specific emphasis on the specific rescue types, techniques, and equipment utilized in the industry,” said Justin Miller of Ontivity. “I would strongly encourage all companies to adhere to the NATE CRTS protocols in their respective training programs,” added Miller.

NATE members can access the CRTS document for free in the members-only Safety Resources section of the Association’s website. Non-member companies can purchase the NATE CRTS at the following link: