“Mercedes” harness hits the market with Connect-It Wireless as its provider

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Unless you’ve hung in a harness for hours, you’ll never appreciate how the key component of a personal fall arrest system can add discomfort to an already challenging job. However, FallTech believes that you deserve the most comfort while working aloft FallTech-FlowTechwithout compromising on versatility and rugged strength, and has introduced its FlowTech Tower Climber®, which is quickly being tagged by tower climbers as the Mercedes of harnesses without the high price.

Connect-It Wireless is proud to announce that they will be the first fall safety distributor to carry FallTech’s new harness.

Launched this month, The FlowTech Tower Climber® is the next generation in a line of full body harnesses known for their extreme comfort and versatility on the job. Thanks to a series of upgrades from the previous model, this new harness is ultra-comfortable. The patented FlowScape® technology allows the harness to remain raised off the body, providing the user with unsurpassed comfort and breathability.

Abrasion-resistant Lycra lining and lightweight molded EVA foam for padding facilitates increased air circulation during use. A 6″ waistpad and padded shoulder yoke and work sling are integrated for long-term durability. The belt closure, D-Rings, and torso adjusters are constructed of high strength forged aluminum providing the perfect balance between lightweight versatility and rugged performance.

New catalog is now available
Connect-It-WirelessConnect-It Wireless Components also announced that their new catalog is now available in a hard copy or a downloadable PDF. It features over 3,000 products for all of your wireless needs from bags and tool holders to waveguide ice bridges.

Established in 2003, Connect-It Wireless has been an innovator in providing new products and developing mounting hardware designs for the telecommunications industry.

For additional information about The FlowTech Tower Climber® visit their website or stop by their booth at NATE Unite 2015 in in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.