Guy wire calculator is the newest entry in WirelessEstimator's suite of E-Tools
Trying to identify the various components and wire lengths in a guy wire system can oftentimes be a time-consuming and difficult task.

Complicating the process are different ground elevations, guying distances, wire sizes and a host of other considerations required to complete a take-Guy Wire Calculator for Towersoff for an installation project.

With the ever-increasing need for replacement guy systems and retrofitting projects to enable increased capacity on guyed towers, designed an easily navigated module to assist engineers and estimators in obtaining a list of wire rope and system accessories.

Once you have entered the required data in the Guy Wire Calculator you will be able to download an Excel spreadsheet to aid you in ordering your materials or completing a takeoff for a proposal by entering your vendor's pricing.

It's important to note that the sizes and components provided by the calculator are suggested sizes from a number of manufacturers and engineers, and are to be used for estimating purposes only. They should not to be used for design purposes. Only a qualified engineer can provide that information after an analysis of a structure.

Estimating program to be discontinued
The guy wire calculator is one of the first in a series of browser-based modules that will be introduced by in coming months.

They will replace the web site's estimating program introduced over six years ago. It will be discontinued December 31, 2010.

Numerous companies still use it as a valuable tool for quick proposals, but the requirements to adapt its model pricing to an ever-changing bidding environment became too difficult to ensure an acceptable level of accuracy, said Craig Lekutis, President of

"Although it was designed to be scalable, it was based primarily upon the then current requirements of an analog world."

"The bricks and mortar estimating needs of the industry will always remain, but almost daily advances in technology, equipment and installation procedures make it impossible to keep up with adequate price points," he said.'s first E-Tool, the Jobsite Emergency Action Plan, became an instant success earlier this year and currently has many hundreds of companies using it every week to roll their jobs and keep their crews OSHA compliant.

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