“Perfect” cell tower battery theft thwarted by neighboring camera system

In Daily News Briefs by Wireless Estimator

Cell-Tower-Battery-TheftsA Michigan man who reportedly was employed in the industry at some point, or possibly still is, might shortly find his next employment on a prison work detail as soon as he is arrested for stealing batteries from cell site cabinets.

Warren authorities say they expect to arrest the man targeting cell towers in Macomb County. He was caught on camera by a neighboring business’ camera as he loaded his gold GMC vehicle with batteries from a Crown Castle site. His license plate was clearly visible.

Although Warren Police detective James Wolfe gets a gold star for his efforts that will see the thief arrested in the near future, his comment to a Fox 2 news reporter didn’t win any industry friends with his comment: “It’s actually the perfect theft if you’re someone looking for easy money.”