Alyssa Runner joins Wireless Estimator in key advertising and marketing role

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Wireless Estimator is pleased to announce the appointment of Alyssa Runner to the position of Marketing/Advertising Consultant.


Alyssa Runner brings insight to industry marketing

Alyssa has been crusading the digital marketing arena for more than seven years, specializing in copywriting, lead generation, data-driven strategies and conversion rate optimization. With a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations and a Master’s in Public Administration, she focuses her time on connecting great companies with their perfect prospects in measurable, ROI-boosting ways.

As a member of the Wireless Estimator team, she brings insight from the marketing perspective to a position that’s normally staffed by a salesperson, giving you the data, depth and strategy you need to bring your brand to the world’s leading site for the telecom industry established in 2004.

When she’s not helping keep the +80% re-up rate of our advertisers, she’s spending time with her 6-month-old son and enjoying the great Florida outdoors.

“Alyssa consulted with us in July to assist with an extensive makeover of the nation’s largest and most successful employment job board,” said Wireless Estimator President Craig Lekutis. “Her depth of knowledge of the industry and extensive marketing background was a natural fit, and we’re pleased to have her support our clients in further expanding their businesses. Alyssa is a true professional and we’re thrilled that she has joined our team.”

Alyssa can be reached at .