Canadian private/public collaboration panel provides an excellent report to dispel 5G myths

In Daily News Briefs by Wireless Estimator


Out of Canada comes an outstanding piece that lays groundwork for public understanding of 5G and dispels myths surrounding it. For something of technical depth, it is entirely readable. It’s a collaboration of Canadian equipment suppliers, associations and multiple country agencies.

The report notes that while 5G transmitters will require the creation of a large number of new base stations with a large number of transmitters, each transmitter will operate on lower power levels than 4G technology, resulting in a net reduction of RF exposure.

They are planning an even more detailed report this summer. You can register for a copy when it becomes available.

Their 5G Health & Safety panel includes: Jonathan MacKenzie, policy and research analyst for CWTA; Tim Singer, Director General, Environmental and Radiation Health Sciences for Health Canada; Marc Bouvrette, President of Gap Wireless,; Erika Zeroual, Communications Advisor and Media Relations for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED); Stuart Nicol, Director Product Development at APREL and Ernest Cid, CEO of Wavecontrol.