SBA’s Bernstein says ‘it’s time to tell the world’ about Skyfish’s drone photogrammety and $20M in funding

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TAPE DROP DAYS ARE DONE -- SBA Communications Chairman Steven Bernstein

BETTING BIG ON A  BETTER MOUSETRAP FOR A TAPE DROP — SBA Communications Chairman Steven Bernstein is convinced that Skyfish ‘s photogrammetry and 3D modeling provides the best engineering grade measurements and has helped to secure $20 million in funding for the Montana company’s drone manufacturing and software development

American autonomous drone maker Skyfish has secured over $20 million in venture funding led by Henry Wolfond, CEO of Bayshore Capital, and Steven Bernstein, the Chairman of SBA Communications.

Skyfish's platform easily allows it to be used on any platform or with any browser. Its flexibility is presented in this video.

Skyfish’s platform easily allows it to be used on any on any system or any browser, even without a graphics card. Its flexibility to map and detail tower sites is presented in this video.

“After speaking with Skyfish customers, we quickly understood that Skyfish is unique in the commercial drone world, producing precise ‘engineering grade’ drone enabled photogrammetry and 3D Models of infrastructure,” said Bernstein.

“These are the best cell tower digital-twin models I’ve seen and could significantly enhance the cell tower industry’s inspection, measurement and mount mapping processes. The Skyfish team have invented an autonomous work drone for scanning infrastructure that enables detailed centimeter grade measurements of not only cell towers, but many critical infrastructure targets like; power lines, dams, bridges, electrical sub stations, wind turbines and airports,” said Bernstein.”

“To date, Skyfish’s amazing photogrammetry has been a bit of an industry secret but now it’s time to tell the world.”

“We are thrilled to have Steven and Henry advising the company,” said Dr. Orest Pilskalns, CEO of Skyfish. “Everyone talks about engineering grade measurement, but we actually deliver on that promise. Now engineers can feel safe signing off on drone enabled models because they are working with data they know they can trust.”

The funds are earmarked to grow customer revenue, expand drone manufacturing capacity, add to Skyfish’s existing talent pool, Skyfish said in a statement.