Savior of the City of Troy pleads guilty to vandalizing cell towers to ‘stop the aliens’

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Ohio resident

BATTLING ALIENS’ DEFENSE DIDN’T FLY WITH OHIO JUDGE – Christopher Daniels said he had saved the City of Troy, Ohio’s 27,000 residents from aliens by vandalizing a cell tower. His campaign to rid Miami County of aliens hitchhiking on power sources required vandalism of another four tower sites. After a judge ruled that although his premise was insane, Daniels was sane when he committed the crimes and allowed him to plead guilty to seven felony counts. Daniels will be sentenced on May 8.

Christopher A Daniels, 36, of Piqua, Ohio, pleaded guilty to seven felony counts on April 12, 2023, of causing extensive damage to multiple communications towers in Troy and the surrounding area.

Daniels allegedly vandalized at least five towers. According to initial information released by authorities, two were AT&T towers, and one was a Verizon site. The other two structures were not identified.

Daniels had been indicted on 15 counts, including aggravated trespassing, trespassing in a habitation, disrupting public service, and vandalism in December.

After being arrested, Daniels later told an officer they needed to “stop the aliens from coming and said they are getting us through our power source. Christopher said Troy was safe because he had already taken out the tower in Troy with a chain and a vehicle.” according to court documents.

“It looked like something was used to break open the gate and then break the power lines to the tower,” according to a sheriff’s report. “From the peel marks, it looked like something attached to a vehicle to pull the gate and break the lines.”

Deputies said it appeared that a vehicle was used in an attempt to pull multiple fiber optic cables attached to the tower.

Daniels was found competent to stand trial and sane at the time of the offenses following an evaluation ordered by the court.

He could face up to 11.5 years in prison and fines totaling $37,500. Sentencing is scheduled for May 8.

Daniels is still in the Miami County jail after being unable to post a $10,000 cash-only bond. He is still awaiting arraignment on five burglary charges unrelated to the cell tower vandalism, according to court records reviewed by Wireless Estimator.