Celebrating connectivity, NATE announces Tower Technician Appreciation Day

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Tower.Tech.Appreciation Day

NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association has officially declared Wednesday, May 8, 2024, as Tower Technician Appreciation Day. This annual event, now in its eighth year, is dedicated to recognizing the essential role of tower technicians who maintain and enhance communication infrastructures, thereby ensuring connectivity across the United States and globally.

On this day, NATE calls on member companies and other stakeholders in the communications industry to organize and participate in events that honor these skilled professionals. Employers are encouraged to host recognition events to highlight the hard work and dedication of their tower technicians. 

Additionally, NATE suggests incorporating the hashtag #TowerTechAppreciationDay in social media campaigns to further amplify the reach and impact of this special observance.

Victor Drouin, Chairman of NATE and President and Co-Founder of Green Mountain Communications, emphasized the importance of this day: “Tower technicians operate behind the scenes but are at the forefront of enabling the digital world that connects us all. They perform critical, often challenging work that demands both physical endurance and technical skill. It’s our privilege to dedicate this day to them, celebrating their contributions to our industry and society.”

This initiative recognizes the invaluable efforts of these technicians and aims to raise awareness about the career opportunities available within this vital industry. By celebrating Tower Technician Appreciation Day, NATE hopes to inspire a new generation to pursue careers as tower technicians, ensuring the future of a robust and reliable communications infrastructure.

To view and download the 2024 Tower Technician Day proclamation, visit HERE.