Tower tech, a healthy climber and MMA fighter, suddenly passes while on a Verizon modification project

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Tower tech Shane Magee, 28,  was a picture of health, physically fit from climbing towers and frequently exercising and training as a competitive mixed martial arts fighter.

Magee passed away after climbing up a 450-foot guyed tower in

Shane Magee passed away after climbing up a 450-foot guyed tower in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania.

Sadly, he suddenly died while performing a routine installation in Pennsylvania.

On Monday, he and a coworker ascended a 450-foot American Tower Corp. guyed tower in Reynoldsville, a small community of approximately 2,000 residents, to begin working on a Verizon antenna modification project. 

Magee did not respond to a request for assistance from above, and his coworker looked down. He found Magee slumped over in his harness attached to the structure’s safety climb.

His Wireless Services Inc. crew sprung into action, immediately notifying the local EMS for assistance as they began to lower Magee to the ground, where emergency personnel performed CPR but were unsuccessful.

State police, the Jefferson County coroner, and OSHA were notified, and police and the coroner immediately responded to the site.

A spokesperson for Wireless Services said Magee’s death was not a result of an accident.

Magee wasn’t married nor had children.

Services information will be published when it becomes available.