Nine front flips off of a broadcast tower is newest foolish YouTube entry

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Whereas last week’s video of a tower technician climbing 1,500-feet to relamp a guyed tower almost served as a tutorial for safe 100% tie-off practices, a video uploaded Friday of a BASE jumper doing nine front flips on the way down personified that if brains were dynamite some folks wouldn’t have enough to blow their Go-Pro helmet off their head.


The location and tower owner weren’t identified as one parachutist captures another’s nine front flips off of the structure. Although it seems like the rolling exhibitionist finished his flips shortly before hitting the ground, it appeared that the video was edited and the front flips occurred higher up on the tower.

Regardless, having to safely thread guy wires on the way down that could easily serve as a human egg slicer, provides for a foolish and dangerous BASE jump that can only invite someone else to attempt a more extreme jump.

The video, as of Sunday morning, had over 183,000 views, compared to Todd Thorin’s South Dakota video (see below) which has almost 2 million views from multiple web sites. Tower climber Kevin Schmidt’s routine lamp replacement went viral and has been promoted on dozens of major media outlets.

The most recent, was a mention on an Aljazeera broadcast immediately following a news report on the Charlie Hebdo shootings in France.