Cold snap guide offered as Artic air blast brings bone-chilling temperatures

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If tower techs from JMA Wireless of Liverpool, N.Y. were going to be heading north to Watertown yesterday, chances are they were praying that it would be one of their in-building wireless projects and not a bone-chilling outdoor installation where thTower-Climber-Cold-Weathere temperature hit a national low of -30.1 °F.

The waves of Arctic air coming in this week have been painful for those tower techs and civil workers who have to spend time outdoors, unless properly dressed. In addition to the below-average temperatures forecast, they can be 15-30 degrees lower than the actual temperature at times due to wind chill and elevation factors.

Two companies not concerned about the cold snap were SC Wireless Solutions and Tricom Networks whose projects yesterday near Palm Springs, CA had workers performing them under a punishing national low temperature of 90 °F.

To ensure that you and your co-workers stay safe during cold temperatures, Wireless Estimator has provided a Cold Weather Work Guide to ensure your safety when it’s so cold that it’s the only time that you wish the boss was on your back so that he could appreciate what it’s like to work in sub-zero temperatures.