Great video tips unveiled in NATE’s 100% tie-off safety video

In Daily News Briefs by Wireless Estimator

The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) today released a 100% Tie-Off Safety Video as part of the Association’s Climber Connection campaign. The video was released by the Association in advance of next week’s NATE UNITE 2016 Conference in New Orleans, La.

The video highlights practical 100% Tie-Off safety tips for industry workers to follow to ensure that they are adhering to the standards and compliance directives that govern fall protection. The video includes aerial views of tower climbers working on a communications tower and a testimonial of a tower climber discussing safe 100% Tie-Off practices and promoting a zero tolerance policy in regards to the 100% Tie-Off law.

“Not only is 100% Tie-Off the law, but we all have families to go home to at the end of the day,” stated Nick Spiker from Peak Communications. “Thankfully, I’ve never fallen into my gear, but I always, always clip off. 100% Tie Off is worth every second. It only takes once,” added Spiker, who has been an active tower climber for 14 years.”

100-Percent-Tie-Off-NATENATE encourages tower climbers and all wireless industry stakeholders to actively participate in this campaign by posting the 100% Tie-Off Video on their respective social networking platforms using the hash tag #ClimberConnection. NATE also encourages tower climbers to share their personal 100% Tie-Off tips through social interaction on the Association’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Additionally, NATE encourages all employees and employers to help create a culture of safety within their respective companies by signing the 100% Tie-Off 24/7 Commitment Certificate. The certificate can be downloaded and printed here.

The Climber Connection campaign was developed by the NATE Member Services Committee in conjunction with the NATE Safety & Education Committee and is designed to provide specific resources and communicate the Association’s message directly to the industry’s elevated workforce. A central element of the campaign is the official release of twelve Climber Connection safety videos; each focused on a unique safety topic or issue involving working at heights.

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