Reports of tower techs losing their hands appear to be false social media posts

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On Tuesday, a post appeared on a Facebook group’s website stating that, although it was possibly a rumor, someone had lost a hand when they were at an AT&T cell site in Idaho when a blasting cap exploded that was attached to a lock or possibly in a lock box.

However, another poster emphatically said he had “confirmed” that it was true.

Then additional posts were made, one citing that someone had lost their hand, but this time in Ohio when a blasting cap went off, cautioning crews to be careful.

On Friday, there was another post that said that a hand was blown off, but “At the moment there only seems to be an occurrence in the Arizona market.”

AT&T  has no knowledge of any such incident and the Facebook posters did not respond to Wireless Estimator for documentation regarding their “confirmed” knowledge.

It’s likely that supervisors can open compound gates tomorrow morning and  leave the site with their full complement of ten digits.