Thirty-four Big Easy ‘Train-the-Trainer’ graduates announced by NATE

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The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) today announced the graduating participants of the Train-the-Trainer Course the Association hosted on Feb. 21 – 25, 2016 in New Orleans, La.

NATE, in conjunction with curriculum and training provider Safety Controls Technology (SCT), offered a five-day course at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. The course was offered free of charge to eligible participants and was made possible due to a Susan Harwood Training Grant from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor.

“I would like to congratulate the graduates of the intensive Train-the-Trainer Course the Association hosted in New Orleans,” said Executive Director Todd Schlekeway. “I was very impressed by the experience and enthusiasm of the participants and believe that the course will significantly enhance their effectiveness as trainers moving forward ,” said Schlekeway.

To fulfill the goals of the training grant program, the five-day Train-the-Trainer Course highlighted fall protection in the communication tower industry and allowed course participants an opportunity to gain valuable industry training experience. The curriculum focused on effective instructional techniques to employ when teaching hazards in the communication tower industry and included thorough information on employee rights, employer responsibilities, whistleblower protection, high angle rescue, principles of fall protection, principles of safe climbing, tower systems, testing safety climb systems, testing personal protective equipment (PPE) and conducting a job safety analysis.

“This course was very valuable in making me understand how we as trainers affect our industry, stated Greg Chiasson, the Safety and Training Supervisor at Industrial Communications, LLC in Marshfield, Ma. “The training staff was professional, thorough and engaging. I feel that one of the most important lessons taught in the curriculum was how to teach an adult student. Understanding how adults learn, along with other teaching techniques provided in the class, will help my students absorb the multiple safety topics covered in training. What I learned in this class will help me motivate my employees to stay safe on the tower,” said Chiasson.

Course graduates were:

David Anderson, VerCom, Inc.
Gregory Chiasson, Industrial Communications, LLC
Nick Chudolij II, Lee Antenna & Line Service, Inc.
Jeremy Crooks, Flathead Communications
Roger Davis, LOC Construction
Chip Earnest, Swift Industrial Power
Shayne Evans, Mercury Communication & Construction Inc.
Russell Flowers, Griff EE
Ryan Flynn, Netsurf USA
David Frost, Independent
Nicholas Grull, Centerline Solutions, LLC
Bjorn Haugen, Ethoplex
Robert C. “Chris” Haynes, Verticon Wireless, Inc.
Joseph Hill, Jr., Mill City Communications, Inc.
Michael Hoffman, Synergy Concepts, Inc.
Gregory Hunt, Spartan Towers LLC
William Klingensmith, Tri-County Tower Service, Inc.
Gerard LeBlanc Jr., Test Electric
Nicholas Massey, Rockin B Wireless
Miranda McCrum, Northern Pride Communications, Inc.
William Naylor II, TNT Wireless
Levi Pittenger,  Independent
Doug Pointer, HAPA Towers
Chad Rampey,  Preferred Towers & Telecom
Jerry Ray,  Sargent Electric
Daniel Ricke, Galvanized Endeavors, LLC
M.J. Scott, Texoma Contracting, Inc.
Michael Shafer, TNT Wireless
Ronnie Sonier, Independent Network Services, LLC
Valen Thurston II, Thurston Tower & Telecom
Glenn Earl Torrence, Echo Pacific Communications
Travis Wade, Spectrum Construction Services, Inc.
Darrin Wagnerj, Test Electric
Kris Wortley, VerCom, Inc.