Fox stations to begin broadcasting from World Trade Center next year

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World Trade Center

In 2013, ironworkers installed the 40-ton, 75-foot-high combined antenna sections on One World Trade Center at 1,701 feet above the ground. Fox-owned WNYW and WWOR New York have announced that they will move their broadcast facilities from the Empire State Building to the Trade Center skyscraper, effective in early 2018.

The Fox-owned New York stations, WNYW and WWOR, will move their transmitters to the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere next year, One World Trade Center.

Telemundo was the first station to broadcast from WTC when it fired up its transmitters in June.

Telemundo was the first station to broadcast from WTC when it fired up its transmitter in June. Only 12 linear feet in size, Telemundo 47’s over-the-air transmitter is powered by 66 kilowatts of cutting-edge technology.

“We are pleased to welcome Fox’s WNYW and WWOR to One World Trade Center’s broadcast facility,” said John Lyons, assistant vice president and director of broadcast communications of The Durst Organization, which manages, operates and leases the building. “One World Trade Center has re-established itself as the preeminent broadcast facility in New York and by early 2018, seven TV stations will transmit their broadcast from the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.”

In June, WNJU, Telemundo 47, was the first television station to broadcast from One World Trade Center. It will now be the primary broadcast location for seven of New York City’s 10 TV broadcasters.