O’Rielly opens up about opening up more wireless services spectrum

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Kathleen Quinn Abernathy of Wilkinson, Barker Knauer interviews FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will provide a keynote address on Wednesday at the ConnectX conference in Charlotte, N.C.

During an interview by Kathleen Quinn Abernathy yesterday, special counsel for Wilkinson, Barker Knauer at ConnectX in Charlotte, N.C., Commissioner Micael O’Rielly discussed FCC priorities, emphasizing the need to open up more wireless services spectrum and to further streamline deployment.

He noted one “bad actor” community that recently wanted to charge $4,000 per small cell for deployment. The company nixed the offer and officials of the community weren’t upset.

“That can’t be an acceptable answer,‘we’ll go somewhere else,’ and ‘that’s fine by us,’” O’Rielly said. “That’s a terrible outcome.”

O’Rielly also discussed the need for opening up more mid-band spectrum for wireless providers to be able to offer 5G or 4G services. He noted that the Citizens Broadband Radio Service is under consideration and the spectrum between 3.7-4.2 GHz and 3.45-3.55 GHz.

The need for new spectrum  is necessary to ensure that the United States can take a leading role in the global rollout of 5G wireless network technology, O’Rielly said.

“There are a lot of bands to be talked about and a lot of work to do on this front, in my opinion,” O’Rielly said.

O’Rielly has previously said that ultimately the FCC would like to combine 3.5 GHz with a shared 3.7 to 4.2 GHz C-band offering to create a solid play for wireless providers.

The exhibit hall at the conference offered demonstrations, and hands-on technology opportunities.

On Wednesday afternoon, buyers from American Tower, Crown Castle, InSite Wireless, SBA Communications, T-Mobile, Tessco, and Verizon will be touring the exhibit hall and exploring solutions relevant to their businesses.

Representatives from minority-owned businesses are invited to meet with these companies during the convention’s Supplier Diversity Summit on Wednesday afternoon.

WIA Director of Meetings & Events Nancy Touhill’s team has curated an educational program outlined to provide attendees with critical knowledge on topics ranging from smart and connected communities, connected property, vehicle to infrastructure, private LTE networks, macro cells and many more. to all VIP, full access, and exhibit only pass holders.