Easy app is a first line of defense in reducing injuries and saving lives

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An easy app allows companies to prevent injuries and fatalities due to job site hazards

An easy app allows companies to prevent injuries and fatalities due to job site hazards

Over 1,100 tower site hazards were identified and corrected last year. They weren’t found by accident, but were discovered through the active participation of 138 companies  taking advantage of the National Association of Tower Erectors STAR Initiative program that uses a free app that easily assists workers in identifying site safety hazards.

To highlight this app, NATE has released a video entitled “STAR Initiative: Setting the Standard” in order to highlight the Association’s signature program designed to help companies operate safely and provide recognition to tower contractors, vertical realtors and carriers who voluntarily adhere to higher safety standards. The video’s debut coincides with the STAR Initiative program enrollment period which is open now through August 31, 2019.

The video provides an overview of the STAR Initiative’s site safety audits and program documentation requirements that have served to allow participants to proactively identify and correct thousands of job site hazards and deficiencies since inception. The video also includes an interview with an experienced industry worker discussing the benefits of his company’s participation in the program, including the convenience of utilizing the innovative STAR Initiative mobile app to submit site safety audit data in real-time and the NATE EXCHANGE training discounts available to companies involved in the program.

“Our company is a proud participant of the STAR Initiative, stated Pete Hagstrom from Finish Toer, Inc. in Hiawatha, Iowa. “The program’s site-safety audit and documentation requirements have played an integral role in helping instill a culture of safety and quality with all employers and employees in our organization. I would strongly encourage NATE member companies to enroll in the STAR Initiative for the upcoming 2019-2020 program year,” added Hagstrom.

Companies interested in enrolling in the NATE STAR Initiative should visit HERE to review the eligibility and participation requirements and complete the official application. Applications must be submitted to the NATE office no later than August 31, 2019.